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Specified commercial transaction law

Business name Yoshizumi Tea Co., Ltd.
Managing person Yoshizumi
Hakata Station Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture East 1-11-5-8F
email address
Selling price Amount displayed on the product page (tax included)
Intrinsic costs other than the product price Shipping: Japanese uniform shipping cost of 1,000 yen (tax included) ※ Delivery to Okinawa and remote island is 1,296 yen
Bank transfer fee: vary by financial institution
Payment method Various Credit Cards / Amazon Pay / Google Pay / Apple Pay / PayPal / Cash on / Mobile Carrier Settlement / Bank Transfer
Payment time of payment Credit Card: Your credit card company billing time
Google Pay / Apple Pay / Amazon Pay / PayPal: Your credit company billed for each account
Cash on delivery: At the time of receipt
Mobile Carrier Settlement: Completed at the time of payment of mobile phone charges for contract carriers
Bank transfer: After ordering
Delivery time of product etc. 30 business days from order
Conditions and conditions for returned goods If you would like to exchange returns, please contact us by email or phone.
Returns exchange in the following cases can not be accepted.
· Products that have removed the product of the product
· Some paints of some decorations peeling
· Products have passed over a week after arrival
· Products who have lost the tag
· Products used at once
· Custom-made product (custom made product)
· Planning limited product (special limited product that specifically defines the sales period)
· If damage, contamination etc. occur due to the loss of customers (including packages and accessories)
· Sale products · Cotton return (image difference, size difference, misconception) due to customer convenience
· Other things that can be determined that there is a visible viscer (eg, perfume, cigarette smell, cosmetic adhesion, product pain, dirt, etc.)
※ Also, it is not possible to accept returns due to customer convenience, such as being different from the image, and you can not accept returned goods due to the customer's convenience.

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