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【Reservation】Miyazaki Royal Wagyu Slice Meat (1000 g)

【年末100食限定】宮崎和牛の農家から直接お届けします!(1kg) ・この商品は新鮮なチルド配送です。 ・お申込み後、年末に向けて配送いたします。 ・人気商品のため現在、予約販売とさせていただいております。 ・全国送料無料。※ただし北海道+1160円・沖縄+770円別途送料がかかります。 ・現在日本国内のみの配送です。

This is the best way to eat sliced beef! This is Miyazaki Wagyu sliced beef carefully selected by Wagyu hunters from all over Japan. (1kg)

In order to deliver the meat in the freshest condition, we will prepare the meat after receiving the order and deliver it sequentially in 2 to 4 weeks.

The popular YouTuber Paolo from TOKYO visited the restaurant for an interview.

This is a popular product, so it is currently available for pre-order.

Free shipping nationwide. However, there is a separate shipping fee of 1160 yen for Hokkaido and 770 yen for Okinawa.

In order to protect the environment in line with the SDGs, we deliver our products in simple vacuum-packed packaging.

The product is currently available only in Japan, but we are preparing to deliver it overseas.


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