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[Reservation Closed] 100% Beef Desperation Hamburger Steak 120g x 5 Packs

和牛ハンター厳選のハンバーグ、、その名も「絶望ハンバーグ」絶望したときにこそ勇気をもらえます。人気商品おため、ただいま2~3ヶ月待ちとなっております。 恐れ入りますがご予約してお待ちください。

A hamburger steak carefully selected by wagyu hunters, the name "Zetsubou Hamburger" will give you courage when you are in despair. Due to the popularity of this product, there is currently a waiting list of 2~3 months.

Please register your email address and wait.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please note that this product is currently available for pre-order due to its popularity.

In order to protect the environment in line with the SDGs, we deliver in simple packaging.

We are currently only shipping within Japan, but we are preparing to ship overseas.

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